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Featured Clients

It may come as a surprise to many that our applications are being used by people ranging from Fortune 500 corporations all the way down to independent artists and students.

Companies that typically spend millions of dollars per year on marketing are regularly installing our apps. This has nothing to do with the $20/year price tag, but rather because we offer the best level of integration and the most advanced customization options possible, all without over the top self branding typical of our competitors.

The list to the right showcases just a few of the Facebook Fan pages that use our applications.

  Featured Clients
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Fans: 555,728
CNN Heroes
Fans: 279,555
Fans: 143,145
In the Arena CNN
Fans: 3,123
Piers Morgan Tonight
Fans: 116,132
Kim Kardashian
Fans: 12,704,045
Fans: 16,002,794
Baltimore Ravens
Fans: 1,457,900
MTV News
Fans: 651,435
United States Air Force
Fans: 1,203,793
American Heart Association
Fans: 308,948
Yahoo Contributor Network
Fans: 11,682
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Fans: 651,525
Pepsi Max
Fans: 1,401,859
Chicago Bulls
Fans: 8,322,406
American University
Fans: 33,680
Fans: 106,277
Sydney Australia
Fans: 368,877
Korean Air (대한항공)
Fans: 89,676
Fans: 179,722
Fans: 4,750,938
Stanford Football
Fans: 27,949
US Embassy Ottawa
Fans: 6,732
Mark Udall
Fans: 10,062
Sophie Paris
Fans: 181,571
Red Rock Harley-Davidson
Fans: 6,333
Official Love and Other Drugs Movie
Fans: 365,679
Fans: 20,484
TomTom Italia
Fans: 1,909
The Pittsburgh Steelers
Fans: 2,453,639
College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
Fans: 1,404
University of Birmingham
Fans: 10,282
Fans: 367,639
University of Alberta: Studying in Canada
Fans: 4,843
Motor Trend Magazine
Fans: 21,800
Fans: 197,401
Fans: 37,781

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