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About Tabfusion

We offer apps for all the popular platforms

At Tabfusion, we create fun and useful apps to add to your Facebook Fan pages. Some of our apps are designed to integrate with other popular websites (Ex. to display your YouTube videos in your Fan pages), while others offers their own independent functionality. Best of all, our prices are a fraction of what our competitors charge, just $40/year per application, or just $60 when purchased for 3 years ($20/year), or $200/year for a site wide license to access all our applications.

We design our apps with these simple objectives in mind:

  • Bring you the best level of integration and most advanced customization options possible and without over the top self branding of our own website. Just compare any of our apps to others out there, and you too will appreciate their clean, fast and uncluttered look and feel.
  • Make them truly affordable, each application costs just $40 per year, or just $60 when purchased for 3 years ($20/year), a tiny fraction of what our competitors charge. A site wide VIP subscription for $200/year is also available providing access to all our apps.
  • Unlimited fans: unlike most our competitors that charge according to the number of fans, we don't charge based on the number of fans, so whether you have 1 fan or 20 million fans, you're covered.
  • Free support: no product, even one that costs a mere $40/year, should be offered without free support, which is why we offer unlimited free support by email or by phone when needed for all our apps.


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